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The SWEET Project provides the following services to universities.

We Offer Placements For...

  • student social workers with additional learning needs such as dyslexia or dyspraxia;
  • students who have physical or auditory disabilities or mental health issues;
  • student social workers who do not drive or choose not to drive;
  • student social workers who have failed a previous placement;
  • student social workers who are at risk of failing their course at BA or MA level;
  • student social workers where the placement is at risk of failing through no fault of the student;
  • student social workers who require additional support and nurturing;
  • international student social workers;
  • student social workers who have an interest in working directly with children and young people;
  • student social workers who have an interest in managing their own case list;
  • student social workers who have an interest in working within a statutory setting such as forming part of child protection plans, core groups, completing Single Assessments, Life Story Work, International Social Work, Court-Directed Parenting Assessments, Assessment of Contact linked to Life Story work and assessment reports under the Framework for Children in Need and Their Families.

How Students Are Assessed

All students are assessed using HCPC criteria, incorporating individual university proformas. All assessments are evidence-based with clear areas of progress and professional development.

Where a student is deemed to be at risk of failing, we will discuss the problem with the student at the earliest opportunity. Action Plans are used as a method of identifying areas of additional support.

All assessments are carried out in an open, honest and transparent way and universities are kept fully informed throughout.

How Students Are Referred

  • Placement co-ordinators contact Deb Groves (Operations Director) on 0121 458 2270 or email at to ask about availability;
  • The student's profile is forwarded for consideration;
  • The student is interviewed. This may consist of a written test, group work observation, and/or an individual interview conducted by the Project Directors and service users;
  • The student and the university are informed of the outcome and a start date is agreed. if appropriate;
  • A Practice Educator is allocated to the student;
  • A placement agreement meeting is set up according to individual university guidelines;
  • The student starts with an identified Practice Educator and full induction.

Practice Educators

All of our Practice Educators are qualified Senior Social Workers who either hold or are working towards their "Enabling Others 2" qualification.

A Testimonial

The University of Wolverhampton
Ms Marvia Chambers (Placement Manager)

"The University of Wolverhampton has placed final year students at The SWEET Project in the last two academic years after a recommendation from a colleague on the social work course. I did have some unease about how a number of students would all have access to good learning and work opportunities but these fears were unfounded. Jayne Cresswell and Jayne Hulbert have been two of the most enthusiastic practice placement managers that I have worked with; they have demonstrated a passion and commitment for social work education and the student journey. Their passion stems from a commitment to working with a diverse range of people in need, primarily in the South Birmingham area. Students have carried out work which reflects their level of training.

Student feedback received to date has been very positive. The practice placement at SWEET has been described as "excellent" due to the complexity of work that has been undertaken, which enabled one student "to learn and develop confidence". The other area that students have commented on is the support available e.g. "the amount of support offered has been overwhelming and really helped me to improve my practice, knowledge and skills" and "I felt able to deal with difficult situations as I knew the support was available". Students would highly recommend this placement to other students.

There is a need for high quality practice placements in the West Midlands and The SWEET Project continues to develop the resources that will be available to students. To date, this has included employing further practice educators who are based on site and are on hand to support students. The Project is well placed to respond to the SWRB recommendations, so the future looks bright for student practice placements."

More Testimonials

New College, Worcester University
Ms Lesley Parish (Placement Manager)

New College is impressed by the level and variety of supervision offered and by the level of creativity the project encourages in students’ practice. A good learning experience for students.

University of Nottingham
Ms Sue Taplin (Placement Manager)

The SWEET Project offers a supportive environment with a range of learning opportunities tailored to meet the individual learning needs of particular students, e.g. providing experience of working with groups or working with adults as well as the core business of working with children and families.

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