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The SWEET Project is much more than a training organisation. We are here to provide practical support to the local community too.

Drop In

We offer an advisory drop in service 10am – 2pm daily. Here you can receive advice about debt management, information sharing, crisis intervention, self referrals, and so on.

Children & Families

We work directly with children and families, offering a variety of support and advice to parents who are experiencing difficulties with their children’s behaviour.

Family Group Conferencing

Cases are referred to SWEET, who undertake an intensive intervention involving all family members in order to identify solutions to problems.

Groups for Parents

Pick and Mix Parenting Group
Thursday mornings 9.30am – 12pm

This group offers parents the chance to meet in a relaxed and safe environment to discuss any concerns they have about their children. This is a parent-led group.

Break and Stay Free
Thursday afternoons 1pm – 2.30pm

This is a unique approach to service users who have experienced and survived, or who are living with domestic abuse. The group will have the opportunity to consider and reflect on the impact of domestic abuse on themselves and their children. Suitable for men and women.

Generation X

Wednesday mornings 10am – 12pm

Support group for grandparents who are caring for their grandchildren. Being in the position of raising a second generation can bring its challenges and pressures. Generation X group provides grandparents with a safe space to meet others in similar situations, share experiences and emotional support.

The DALE Legacy Programme

A group for perpetrators of Domestic Abuse. Sessions can be delivered individually or in groups. The focus is on the impact of abuse on children and partners and the fact that domestic abuse is not about anger management but about power and control.

Alongside these groups, we continue to conduct direct work in schools to ascertain the impact of abuse on children. Our approach is holistic, encompassing the whole family.

Services for Adults

We offer a wide range of support and advice to adults in times of need including liaising with debt agencies; benefit advice and housing advice, including eviction and repossession; support with practical tasks around the home; memory box and life story work; social isolation; mental health; learning disability difficulties and older adults. We also offer transition support for younger adults and older people.

Werther’s Original
Tuesday & Friday mornings 10am – 12pm

A group for service users who want to socialise with other adults. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available.

Service Users’ Forum

The enables service users to shape the way in which we deliver our services. This can include being part of interviewing panels for new student applications as well as induction programmes and training for student social workers.

Group Work

When all other organisations withdrew from the local area, the SWEET Project established that there was no safe environment in which any form of group work could be undertaken. Having recognised that service users within the local community had few opportunities to attend groups or to access support systems, we decided to provide group work. Our groups aim to combat social isolation and to empower service users by giving them advice and guidance and, at the same time, the opportunity to connect with and support each other. Within the organisation’s parenting groups, we provide a variety of workshops on different parenting skills, and space for a parents’ forum, where members are encouraged to share their experiences and opinions with those in similar situations.

We have discovered that having the opportunity to share and be listened to can be a very therapeutic process, especially for those members who are socially isolated. Group work helps them to build self-confidence and self-esteem. With guidance from the facilitators, parents are empowered to find solutions to their problems from their own personal resources. Further group work is undertaken in a local nursing home, where a reminiscence group has been set up to enable residents to share stories and memories about their past. This is reported to have improved their emotional wellbeing significantly.

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