The SWEET project model is a brilliant concept that every student social worker should have the opportunity to experience. The  niche concept serves two brilliant purposes by providing a platform for student social workers to gain worthwhile experience through providing support to children and families including vulnerable adults in the area. Before coming to the SWEET, I was very apprehensive about placement and what to expect based on the negative connotation that I had got from others who had been through it. I was particularly worried being that I was a black African and I had been told that there was always an undertone of racism in placement environments. However, coming to the SWEET has completely change my perception of placement settings as I got the best possible support throughout my time at the SWEET. The open door policy of the managers made it possible that I was never left with unanswered questions. Through supervisions and case managements, I have been able to grow in confidence when working with service users . Also students get training on a weekly basis which for me has increased my knowledge base tremendously. I feel very lucky to have come to the SWEET project and I strongly believe that this model should be available in many areas of the UK as it helps to bridge the gap that has been created by limited services within social services. This way families can still access support through social work students that are on placement.